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About Us.

We mainly focus on investment through the purchase of shares in publicly listed companies in the capital market, specifically, in the US stock market. On the other hand, through subsidiaries, we are gradually forming companies within the real economy both in the USA and in Spain. We are committed to the growth of the fund with the aim of turning it into a large conglomerate of investments in different sectors and industries, mainly in the financial sector and particularly, in the banking industry as well as investing in the real economy, achieving great growth of the fund in sectors and industries where we find high profitability Vs risk, to later take this investment group to the public listing in the capital market through the acquisition of participatory shares, keeping 51% of the ownership of them since the beginning of the public offering, thus maintaining control to follow the original proposed guidelines, which is based on a clear objective: To be a collaborative company always with the individual and collective evolutionary process, ensuring that each objective that Cluster sets, is for the broad benefit for itself and others. This is the unchangeable rule of  Cluster Investments Group LLC.

Pres. Ariel F. Moran

CEO. Jeffrey J. Moran

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